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Frankel The Super Sire

FrankelThere is no bigger superstar in racing than Frankel. He was the best we have ever seen on the racecourse and has made a pretty successful start to his career as a stallion.

There were plenty of mixed messages about just how good Frankel would be as a sire, but the early results are extremely exciting.

We’ve see five horses from Frankel so far and four of those have managed to win on their debut. They have not only won, but looked pretty special and seem to have a bit of their father’s engine about them.

Three horses – Queen Kindly, Cunco and Frankuus went onto compete at Royal Ascot this year.
Queen Kindly was an excellent third in the Group 3 Albany Stakes, whereas Cunco managed third in the Listed Chesham Stakes. Both of those were good performances and despite Frankuus disappointing on his Royal Ascot run, there’s still plenty more to come from this two-year-old.

It is not often you get really excited about a sire, but that is the power of Frankel. He is a household name and it is incredible to see his progeny on the track.

There’s every chance we have a few more very good horses to come from Frankel this year and that really does get you excited.

Often these unraced two-year-old races don’t get too much attention from your everyday racing fan, but if there’s a horse by Frankel in a race now, everyone will be watching and that is great news for racing.

Of the horses I have seen so far, Fair Eva looks one of the most exciting for me. Not just because she is in those famous Abdullah silks, although it does certainly add to the excitement.

It was the way Roger Charlton’s charge won on debut, which really impressed me, and she still looks like there is much, much more to come. She holds Group One entries later in the year and could be a horse worth following this campaign.

It is just great to see Frankel having the same impact off the track as he did on it. We don’t get too many absolute superstars in racing and we should feel very lucky that the Frankel legacy is able to go on. Let’s hope he can be as successful as the one and only Galileo.


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