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What is a points system?

You’ll often hear many tipsters talking about a points system and suggesting a certain amount of points to be on each horse.

If you don’t know what this system is, then it’s quite simple and we’re here to explain to you.

Of course, every single punter is different and many want to bet different amounts. What a point allows a tipster to do is recommend stakes, but without actually saying to a punter how much money they should be spending, as that’s not a tipsters jobs. As mentioned, everyone is happy to bet a certain amount.

A points system is also an easy way to track results and profit. Say you have a 2/1 winner and recommended three points on this; it would be a total of six points profit. You’d get your two points stake back, too.

So how much should you bet per point?

Well, you should always start off your betting bank with the amount you are happy to lose. Whether that is £100 or £1000 – as we keep saying – everyone is different.

Then, a point should be around 1% of your overall betting bank, but maybe slightly less if you’re going to be betting more than five points per day. You don’t really want to risk more than 5% of a betting bank each day.

If you stay disciplined and follow a correct points system, it’s a great way to track your bets and make profit over the long term.

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