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What we do at FRT

Some of you will be familiar with FRT and all we do, but plenty of you won’t have heard of us and we don’t want you to miss out on one of the most consistent, profitable and honest services there is.

Like Free Footy Tips, Free Racing Tips is run by myself – Joe – and I’m the one who will provide you with tips every morning.

FRTYou can be a free member and get both our Little Earner and Premium Tip on a daily basis.

However, if you fancy taking it a little bit more seriously you can join our Lucky 15 service, which is our most profitable and has seen some incredible paydays.

The Lucky 15 has hit a number of full houses this year, including a Saturday in March which saw four winners from four and over £750 returned from £1 stakes, which is a £15 bet.

You really can get some massive paydays on this type of service and it is well worth joining.

Unlike most tipsters though, I’m not going to sit here and say that you will win everyday, because you won’t.

In fact, with the Lucky 15 there’s every chance that you’ll go a few days or a week without making any money.

One winner from four and you’re likely to make a loss, two winners you will probably break even or make a small profit and then it is with three and four winners where your betting bank really increases.

What you need to ensure though is that you’re doing the Lucky 15 EVERY SINGLE DAY to the same stakes and that you have a betting bank big enough to cope with losses.

Of course, we don’t like losing runs but they happen and sometimes it’s all about the luck of when you join. Some members joined on the day we hit a full house in March and we had to make sure we managed expectations as not every day is as good as that.

If you’re disciplined and know how to work out how much to be betting everyday, the Lucky 15 is great fun and there’s nothing quite like a full house to really smash the bookies.

The Lucky 15 is for those who like to have a bit of fun and are not so concerned about steady profit. You have to know that it’s usually a case of small losses before a big win. I’d highly recommend the service though as it is great value and a really good way to enjoy your horse racing betting.

Now, let’s speak quickly about FRT Gold, which is a service for those who take betting a little more seriously and know how the sport works.

You have to apply to a become an FRT Gold Member as we are very specific about the punters we let in.

You’re treating your betting as an investment and realistically need a betting bank of £1000 to start off, as that will make the most of the unique FRT Gold staking plan.

We are in some excellent profit this year and over 150 points in profit for 2016. We’ve also got the summer months – which are usually our most profitable – coming up.

It is not a get rick quick scheme, but I believe it is the very best service out there and totally unique in the way in operates.

If you’re accepted into FRT Gold, you’ll receive the tips before anyone else does, as they will be sent to your mobile via SMS, by Email and then through our private Facebook group as well.

You’ll also get the Horse’s Mouth every single month which is a 16 page magazine (32 pages for the Cheltenham Festival) with betting articles, results and any big news stories.

As well as that, Gold Members can join us at FREE race days at the biggest meetings of the year, including the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot and Champions Day.

Do make sure you check out both services at freeracingtips.co.uk. We’d love to have you on board on either FRT Gold or the Lucky 15. Hopefully now you’ve worked out which one is for you.

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